A few stills from a video project I am working on with Andrew Mendez (@DJAndrewMendez). Shot at Bliss on March 23. Haven’t shot in a club since college….I missed it!

Another great response from my USB Key promo. This one from my friend and designer Alberto Rigau (@ajrigau) of Estudio Interlinea.

My new site is now up! 

After many weeks of editing and re-editing my work and lots of feedback…the new site is up. I have redesigned it, added some new work and added a little bit of older work no one has seen yet. Hope you all enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.

Today my beautiful wife is 36 weeks pregnant with our child. In about a month I will be a father and everything is going to change. I’m looking forward to it.

A few shots from Warriors Cup XIII. There were some beautiful examples of Muay Thai that night.

Costa Rica is a beautiful place to visit…especially on a honeymoon. More to come when I get back.

so, have you abandoned your blog?


No. Just been focusing my energy on other things. New website which should be up in a couple weeks and getting married which happened last week =) I’ll be posting again soon.


Ognjen Topić training at North Jersey Muay Thai (09/03/2011) from Eric Jukelevics on Vimeo.

I bit of video I shot of Ognjen Topić training at NJMT

Sometimes technology makes it easier to show people what you see in your head. Another shot from my last trip to Kauai. Damn I love my Canon 5DmkII. 15 second exposure at f/2, ISO 6400.

I’m going to have to start getting used to the title “dad” soon. Add this to the list of photos I wish that I had taken.

Missing the sunsets in Kauai today. Vacation feels like more than a month ago.

Morning walk on the High Line before a shoot.

Fourth of July on the Hudson

NYC from the Historic Morris Canal Section of Liberty State Park

My portrait of Urban Green Energy CEO Nick Blitterswyk was used for an article on bloomberg.com

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